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What the 9th Dialogue for Global Innovation is all about

    Since 2010, Dialogue for Global Innovation (DFGI) has been accelerating borderless innovation, especially between Japan and European countries. For the past 10 years, industry-academia collaboration symposia have been held at embassies, national laboratories, and leading universities to exchange the latest results and business insights between circles.
    Due to the impact of the new coronavirus infection, there was a three-year hiatus from the 7th meeting in 2019, but in October 2022, the 8th symposium was held in London, UK. The 9th symposium will be held in September 2023 at the University of Oxford, UK. Continuing from Part 8, we will discuss the theme of "Technology and Humanity -Part 5: Advanced AI vs. Well-being, and Quantum Computing".




Keynote Speaker:
Sir Dr. Hermann Hauser, Amadeus Capital Partners
Hermann co-founded Amadeus Capital Partners in 1997 with Anne Glover. He has founded and invested in many technology companies including Acorn, ARM, Solexa which was bout by Ilumina, CSR, Graphcore and Photonic. Hermann holds an MA in Physics from Vienna University and a PhD in Physics from the University of Cambridge. He is a fellow of the Royal Society and was awarded an honorary KBE in 2015.
Keynote Speaker:
Prof. Andrew D. Briggs, QuantrolOx and University of Oxford
Andrew Briggs is Emeritus Professor of Nanomaterials at the University of Oxford and Executive Chairman of QuantrolOx. His research interests focus on nanomaterials for quantum technologies and their incorporation into practical devices, and the nanoscale thermodynamics of timekeeping and learning. From 2002-2009, he directed the UK Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration in Quantum Information Processing. In 2021 he co-founded QuantrolOx to commercialise machine learning for tuning and characterizing quantum devices, with performance that greatly exceeds what is feasible for humans.
Keynote Speaker:
Mr. Gary Brotman, Secondmind Ltd.
Gary Brotman is a passionate product and technology maven who leads Secondmind as Chief Executive Officer. He has 20+ years of experience leading teams responsible for building, commercializing, and evangelizing product and service lines for leading Fortune 500 companies and startups with machine learning, mobile, and media at their core. Gary joined Secondmind from Qualcomm, Technologies, Inc. where as Head of AI Strategy and Product Planning he led the productization of the first four generations of Qualcomm AI Engines across the company’s Snapdragon SoC Platforms for Mobile, Automotive and IoT.
Invited Speaker:
Prof. Ian Walmsley, Imperial College London
Ian Walmsley is Provost of Imperial College London, UK, and Professor of Experimental Physics. He is a co-founder of ORCA Computing, a spin-out from his research at the University of Oxford. His research in optical science and technology has ranged from ultrafast optics to quantum information science, and he was the founding Director of the UK National Quantum Technology Programme’s Hub on quantum computing. His research has led to numerous licensed patents and several awards. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society, Optica (of which he was President in 2018), the American Physical Society and the Institute of Physics.
- Industry Perspective -
Mr. Tomohiko Adachi
Mazda Motor Corporation
Mr. Satoshi Shigemi
Honda Research Institute Japan Co., Ltd.
Dr Thomas Roger
Toshiba Europe Ltd.
Dr Nobuko Ohba
Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc.
Mr. Leo Ah Kun, Mr. Duncan Brow
Hitachi Europe Ltd.
Dr Yuki Ono
Zeon Corporation
- Quantum Computing -
Prof. Seigo Tarucha
RIKEN, Japan
Prof. Natalia Aresd
University of Oxfor
Dr Balint Koczor
University of Oxford
Mr. Juha T. Seppä
QuantrolOx Ltd.
- Generative AI and Advanced AI Technoology -
Prof. Stefano Sanvito
Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin
Prof. Yoshikazu Nakajima
Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Prof. Vincent Wade
Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin
- Advanced AI vs. Well-being -
Prof. Marianna Obrist
University College London
Prof. Koichi Sumikura
National Graduate Institute for Policy
Prof. Hiromi S. Nagane
Chiba University
- Panel discussion - * Future of Quantum Computing, AI, and human experience
Prof. Ichi Kanaya
Nagasaki University
Prof. Marianna Obrist
University College London
Mr. Tomohiko Adachi
Mazda Motor Corporation
Prof. Andrew D. Briggs
QuantrolOx and University of Oxford
Dr Emanuela Maggioni
OW Smell Made Digita
Mr. Juha T. Seppä
QuantrolOx Ltd.
Prof. Ian Walmsley
Imperial College London

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