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What the 4th Dialogue for Global Innovation is all about

Recently, as a result of advances in technology, autonomous systems are a hot topic in various fields. This symposium will discuss the relationship between technology and humanity. Gain insights from these interesting topics, as well as extend business networks by interacting and engaging with global industry executives and world experts. Register now!

Day 1 hosted by ams AG, a worldwide leading provider of best-in-class sensor solutions, takes place at ams’ headquarters in Premstaetten, near Graz. The keynote, “Innovations in the Relationship between Technology and Humanity in the Area of Autonomous Driving,” will be given by Sir Dr. Herman Hauser. The day also includes well-respected Japanese and European speakers from different industries discussing aspects of the ever-increasing virtual world.

Day 2 is hosted by ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA in Vienna, the day’s topic is “The Future of Urban Mobility – How will it affect the Automotive Industry?” Speakers include automotive OEMs discussing “Urban Mobility 2030” – The Corporate’s Perspective.”


Prof. Toru Asahi
@ Waseda University
Wolfgang Felber
@ Fraunhofer Institute
Yasuhiro Harada
General Manager, Integrated Control System Development Division
@ Matsuda
Dr. Hermann Hauser
@ UK
Johann Jungwirth
@ Volkswagen AG
Prof. Ichiroh Kanaya
@ Nakasaki University
Toshitake Kawai
@ Honda Motor Corporation
Dr. Yukata Kuwahara
@ ams
Dr. Massimiliano Lenardi
@ Hitachi
Harald Moser
@ Ars Electrnica
Dr. Thomas Müller
@ ams
Prof. Yoshikazu Nakajima
@ University of Tokyo
Masao Nakajima
@ Nikon
Mag. Michael Otter
Deputy Head of Department
@ Aussenwirtschaft Austria
Dr. Hans Persson
Director of Resarch & External Contracts
@ Volvo
Prof. Hiromi Saito
@ Chiba University
Peter Sedlmayer
@ Advantage Austria Chicago

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